We are proud to announce a web design contest for misham’s web.

The prize, a page linked from misham’s homepage to a dedicated page of the designer, to show his work.

please send your designs to info@misham.com by the 1’st of august

Best Regards,

Misham.com Team

New IM (instant messaging) is coming soon, a great way to take your random friends offline, or to have your existing friends available on a great IM service.

we also happy to announce a design contest for Misham’s website, Stay tuned!


Misham.com Team

Misham now has friends!

February 19th, 2008 6 Comments

We have just added a friends module to our chat system.

Now you can keep your new found chat partners and check up on them regulary.


Misham’s Team

We have received many emails lately showing support and enthusiasm about Misham chat system, and we are very happy to hear back from the community.

We are always looking for ways to improve the system and to add new features, some of the features we are working on will be implemented very soon, but If you have anything that you would like to see on misham or something you don’t want to see on misham we want to hear about it. you can use the commenting system here in the page or send an email to : suggestions@misham.com

And remember, you make misham work, the more people come to misham the better misham will get.


Misham’s Team

World Random Chat

February 10th, 2008 1 Comment

MishaM Beta launched a month ago!

At the moment it’s a basic version of our vision to bind strangers from around the world to talk, laugh, mingle and have fun.

Using this blog we will try as hard as we can to update you about the developments of Misham and to communicate with you to make Misham chats a wonderful communication tool.

So stay tuned, Much more exciting stuff to come!

Try MishaM

Misham Team.